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Month: May, 2012

Horny gay guy strips and poses

In our vacations, we still doing the same thing. Our search for gay huge cock never stops. We shot our stuff, drank our booze and started to hunt those guys. Luckily we found one, a astonishing hot guy with a very muscular body. This guy did only talk to us in a dirty way, he went to the pool and stripped all of his clothes off, he showed us his dick and played with it until the other day. We’re no longer bored to death. We love that job and we hope you appreciate that.

Horny gay guy strips for us

We managed to find this horny and blond gay guy in a shopping mall. We talked to him there a little bit but we wanted something more private. We invited him to our farmhouse. He was punctual and he showed to be always ready. After some small talk he stripped his clothes and showed us his muscular body. Hes shaved chest and his hot dick. In seconds he was already horny with his gay huge cock ready. As the time passed he stripped for us and gave us a very nice view, Step inside and check it.