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Month: February, 2012

Horny gay guy strips and plays with toy

This horny and muscular gay guy had something to show us. We went to his home and we found him with almost no clothes on. His excuse was that he had just left the bathroom. We accepted that and did a small interview with him, after some time talking he showed us his hot muscular body and his gay huge cock. He started to play with a toy because sadly he had no place to stick his meaty dick upon. We felt very sorry for him, do you think we have to compensate him? Hm?

Hot guy strips in the garden

We arranged an interview with this hot gay guy. After a couple talk he asked us to go outside so we could get a couple shots of this hot stud. He started to strip his clothes and showed us some of his hot body. But what we wanted to see were some gay huge cock. Does he have that? well step inside this photo gallery and figure it out by yourself. Since they are very big it won’t be hard to spot them, right? I’ll give you a tip, this guy got a very nice piercing (where?)